Take control over how
your team collaborates,
learns and develops

... launch your virtual private network in minutes.


Create unlimited number of online teams across departments and geographies, share and edit files, discuss, monitor changes and more!


Obtain and provide feedback on performance. Understand strengths as well as areas to develop in order to reach career goals.

Enable smooth transfer of knowledge through easy to set-up online classes, whether driven by internal thought leaders or by external training partners.




Teamwork should be simple.  Create spaces, share and edit content, discuss and monitor changes!




Don't waste your IP and resources, make them work for you.  Capture content and turn it into learning, whether for onboarding or functional education.




How about some real-time feedback?  Use teamwork to capture opportunities for development! 




Team Member

pic7I would like one centralized portal for my team collaboration and learning and have it connected to my performance appraisals. When I receive feedback from a team member, I would like to know what training will help me improve performance.  

- Collaboration dashboard
- Courses, files, and discussions
- Change notifications
- Learning communities
- Customize your interface

Talent Manager

pic9I would like to match training delivery to an employee's specific needs while utilizing the best training providers for that need, whether internal or external.  Connecting performance management with corporate training has been a challenge, and new employee onboarding is often disconnected from quickly evolving functional requirements. 

- Oversee employee learning
- Performance reviews
- Onboarding process
- All trainers in one place
- Oversee training schedules
- Manage outside trainers

Trainer / Teacher

pic3I am looking for an easy-to-manage curriculum creation, content distribution, course interaction, and testing platform. We provide training to multiple divisions of a corporate entity, and would like to customize delivery based on the specific needs and branding of each division. In addition, we would like to maintain active communities associated with the content we deliver, whether online or offline.  

- Service multiple clients
- Drag-and-drop course creation
- Test development tool
- Automated scoring
- All types of file formats
- Manage course membership


pic8I am interested in the ability to accelerate the acquisition of useful knowledge for each employee.  Also, integrating the knowledge we acquire into a single platform is an important aspect of how we consolidate and protect our intellectual property.  

- Online training platform
- Easy to set-up learning places
- Discussions and forums
- Integrated providers
- Performance management
- Minimum to no maintenance


    On request
  • Custom features
  • Integration with other platforms
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